Pallas Informatik - in English

Pallas Informatik is a software development company with great innovative power and a high level of competence and service.

We are first movers in software development based on user-driven innovation, and our digital solutions are clearly influenced by the fact that we are agile, flexible and responsive.

Strong professional skills

We are at the forefront of good ideas and solutions, for which we make use of our professional healthcare skills.

With advanced core competencies in the development of open platform we are able to integrate our solutions with other systems, such as monitors for measuring vital values or care systems. In addition, we conduct projects in mobile solutions, fully automatic systems for data reception, data processing and distribution and registration and support systems for decision-making.

Focus on the customer

For Pallas Informatik, developing a solution always involves the customer. Thus, the solution is tailored to the customer - not the other way around. This applies to our customers in the public sector, including municipalities - we typically work closely with the Executive Board, managers and nursing staff – as well as hospitals where we cooperate with the Executive Board, department managers and nurses.

In private companies we work closely with the project owner and project managers in relation to both business and delivery issues.